Welcome To An Online School

I have done so many things in the past about learning. In this post let me differentiate and somehow compare the two learning that I realized.

Online vs. Classroom Learning


Online Learning is one of the ways people in different languages can learn through connecting to internet which I somehow believe beneficial to each party (the teacher and the student). I will list the advantages that each party can get.

1. Both the teachers and the students can have all the comfort to study and teach at home.
2. For safety, it is very beneficial especially for the children who are taking classes online.
3. It is an opportunity to meet and talk foreign teachers or students.
4. Some teaching strategies from different countries can be applied and somehow can give ideas to learn effectively.
5. Teachers and students have the chance to aquire different cultures and learn from which they can use it in the future. – I may say its a “lifelong learning”

Apart from the advantages, there are also disadvantages that need to consider. Which I believe to give more attention than any other reasons.

1. No chance for the students to interact ideas with peers. (Classroom setting learning can execute this gap)
2. Interruptions of connections are always to consider.
3. Absence of each party (student or teacher) for any circumstances should always keep in mind.
4. At times when the teacher is replaced frequently due to absence or whatever reasons, it will distract students’ learning progress.

Therefore, It is great to study in a classroom based learning. Online Learning is good but just to support or follow-up the classroom discussions and lessons.