Tips To Study and Learn Online

You want to study and learn online right?

Well, this is the right place for you. I will provide you significant information to study online.

First, Learning Online – I will define it as a “Learning in the Air” process. Do you agree?

Here are the reasons why.,

1. The learning comes from the air, right? It’s an internet that connects to students and learners.

2. The learning which you have to choose to stay the learning or letting it go.


When you study online like enhancing your communication skills in English, you have the full option to retain it or not because the people around you speak in a native language as yours.

Choosing to retain is quite a struggle to many students. One of the best option is by enrolling to an Online School which can absolutely help you retain the skills that you got. This will happen when you talk daily to an Online Teacher, twice a week maybe as long as there is always a follow-up for you to interact with vocally.

Choosing to let it go is when you’re just so dependent by yourself. You wouldn’t even try to talk to an English people. So, by all means the skills that you have gotten will absolutely passed away.

3. Lastly, the knowledge and learning you got online needs to be still validated. You need to be aware that the teacher really teaches you the things you need to know, right? This sounds interesting. That is why I created these “Tips to Study and Learn Online”.

“Tips to Study and Learn Online”

These steps will absolutely help you before or while taking Online Classes;

1. Make sure you have all the materials needed in taking classes to avoid interruptions. Namely: reliable internet connection, reliable headset, reliable computer, table, cellphone and clear camera caption. These are the basic requirements. If you have all of these, then you’re on your way to go…

2. Do your personal research about the school company you wish to work with, the background and comments from other learners as well. Especially the policy of the school.

3. Know the exact rates, you might be surprise at the end of the course you can see some additional charges “I could say Shocking Charges”.

4. The most important part, know your teacher well. Take my advice here: Do Not Agree To Change Your Teacher from Time to Time it’s not good for the learner. Why? Please check my post “Online Learners Do Not Agree to Change Your Teacher at any cause without valid reasons”

5. Ask the copy of the teacher’s module or class lessons for you to check in advance and to make the learning process smooth and proper. This is to avoid the delay and there is always interactions happen to student and the teacher.

I believe that if you have all of these, then you are on the right track. If you choose to study online, “Be Determined” to learn.

Happy 😊 Learning and Studying Online Everyone.