Why Take Lessons/Classes Online?

Welcome! Online Learners. 

I raised this question due to some requests of my teachers’ concern regarding the reasons ,

why do you want to learn, study and enroll classes online?

Right then, I gathered information to address this query. I believe all learners have good intentions why learning and taking classes online takes place. Almost all of the Learners’ answers are greatly acceptable. Let me cite few of their answers here.

Valid Answers – I will consider this as a valid answers because it responded directly to the query about Education.

  • I want to improve my English speaking skills. – This is an assurance that you are on the right track because learning online as I mentioned on my previous post that online learning is great for enhancement.

This is guaranteed attainable. Why? Because talking to on online teacher/ tutor will help help you practice recognizing unfamiliar words provided with examples and explanation if you ask the teacher to elaborate further.

  • I want to learn more on vocabularies, grammar, sentences and other related studies.

 I would like to inform you learners that English Language is a bit tricky. Learning those things online might add up to your confusions. Well, I am not saying that those areas are difficult to learn online  however, those areas need to be thoroughly discussed with the teacher and this is only highly recommended for intermediate and advanced level. If you belong to the beginner level – I suggest to undergo first in “Enhancing Communication Skills”.

  • To use it more in my business – This refers to study Business English. Learning online for Business English is good and this requires great online teachers as well.

  • To pass a certain exam they plan to take. This is broad and most talk about by students in nature. Online Learning for enhancement of exams is highly recommended because it broaden the knowledge through communication and researching.

Researching Online – can widen the capacity of the learners to learn and this is proven. New words, vocabularies and other significant information acquired.

All of these highly demanding knowledge and expertise to the teacher – Then, finally (This needs the what so called “21st Century Online Teachers” – So, who are the 21st Century Online Teachers? Let me discuss this to you, on my next post).

Related Answers: It partly answers the query.

  • To meet new people in different countries – This is most requested for travelers who want to explore all over the world. They want to know the culture to blend in.
  • To meet my lifetime partner – This is the most shocking answer I ever heard. However, It really happened to one of the teachers I interviewed. I am feeling Whhaat? Any ways, the story was really admirable which melt you in some other ways. Just agreed to share their story actually. Try checking my other post for this

There are a lot of stories being told and really happened in the Online teaching learning setting. Hopefully to share each of their interesting stories. Especially their successful stories on passing the exams they work on, an increase of their business analytic because they can communicate well with English clients, and all of that successes.