“Who and Where the 21st Century Online -Teachers came from?

Introducing … 21st Century Online Teachers.

Who are they?

Where do they come from?

 21st Century Online Teachers are real?

Absolutely YES!

21st Century Online Teachers – They are called “Walking Technology Teachers” – obviously they are the teachers who are widely exposed to technology. Laptops, computers, cellphone or any gadgets. Our century is of great innovation of technology… technology… technology…

Who are these teachers?

They are equipped with hands-on technology like computer, gadgets, phones and etc. They Have broad knowledge in terms of technology which they will be using to teach online. These teachers believe that technology is the most powerful tool to learn, create and motivate.

Where do they came from?

 They came from anywhere in the world. All teachers online can be called as 21st Century Online Teachers if they use technology broadly.  Means – used of gadgets and internet are the basic tool for everything.

They have more knowledge for the use of gadgets in teaching, they create great and innovative teaching materials with the use of different great tools or applications online to make learning easy, accessible and attainable.

I taught online way back in 2010 which was I believe I don’t have much knowledge on internet and the use of it. When I got to know and used to it, I found a lot of information it grown my knowledge and made me an expert of the things I want to learn.

Great and updated information comes from the internet. False or true information found in there with just a click of your finger. Just a snap! Everything comes out.

I would say that, it is great to study and learn with a 21st Century Online Teachers because they can relate of what’s going on, in a daily basis which is a great source of communication conversation. Especially “Technology Minded People”


I had a Technology minded learner back then, It’s a bit awkward for some things he asked and he will also answer his questions – I realized it’s funny actually. He actually gave every detail and information about technology which amazed me so much and this is the turn of the learning as I understood. I learned from the student. Few months later, we then became partners for business online. We collaborated ideas and knowledge to build an online school business.

You might wonder, how it turned out so wonderful because as you imagine we have language barrier. He is purely Turkish in nature and language. I taught him English communication. Right at that moment, I told myself that my teaching strategy was helpful and effective because my student learned a lot and so we understood each other.

This is the good thing in teaching – Teachers will learn from the students as well. Sharing of ideas and knowledge can create good relationship and could help each party to create more ideas. My experiences in this field is now growing more and more each day.

For teachers, you might not know from day to day teaching experience you have, you wouldn’t realized that you belong to 21st Century Teachers already.