Often Misused Words or Phrases

These are the Lists of Often Misused Words.


This list is only a few words that are often misused. Provided only with 11 words or phrases that are commonly misused. You can search for other words on your own as a part of your learning activity.

These words have minimal mistakes only. Here are the answers to check:


  1. Taken cared of ————- Taken care of
  2. Cope up ———————— Cope with
  3. Ramp up ———————- Ramp
  4. Could you please repeat that again? —————— Could you please repeat that?
  5. Let me explain farther ——————– Let me explain further
  6. Despite of the odds ————————- Despite the odds
  7. Are we pushing through tomorrow? ——————– Are we still on tomorrow?
  8. Full-pledged —————— Full-fledged
  9. Irregardless —————— (no such word- use regardless instead)
  10. 10 AM in the morning ——————– Just say 10AM or 10 in the morning
  11. I’ll fetch you at 9PM ———————– I’ll pick you up at 9PM

Now that you have these initial words to practice, try to make a sentence and use them on your co-workers, friends and family.