“Do you agree to change your tutor everytime?”. It should be “No!- Why?”

Consider my thought here:

“Online or at Home Tutorial Learners Do Not Agree To Change Your Teacher/Tutor at anytime if possible”.

I worked as an Online Teacher to a reputable company. Working with “Boss” has a lot of things to consider. Means you are working with Boss, working with your students, working with other teachers because sometimes collaboration of teachers will happen to improve the teaching styles, strategies and techniques. The most hard to work in the company online are the policies.

I would site one of online school policies is to change the teacher/tutor at anytime, though reasons are provided but then again In my point view, It is never good to the students. 


1. You have established the starting point of your learning areas to improve already. The teacher has to prepare her/himself for the lessons or even planning of the lessons. The teacher will decide to where and what point to be the target of your learning areas. Could be identified as beginner, middle or advanced.


2. The student started also to build trust and confidence to study with the teacher. Like “getting to know more” – This is to maximize the feeling of comfort to each other so that both parties would overcome gaps.


3. Both of them have started a good teaching and learning relationship to “hands-on” and establish the lessons to be learned. The purpose of this process is to mainly build confidence because almost all of the learners are afraid to talk, afraid to commit mistakes in grammar, sentences, vocabularies and more.


4. The teacher has a big role to build good learning strategies to know the students’ capacity to learn. – In conclusion, how could a teacher level-up his/her lesson planning if he/she gets terminated in the middle of the course.

The same thought for the students, how could he continues with another teacher with different strategies? This means : You, learners online think about it! If you change your teacher from time to time then, you can never reach the end of your lessons instead, always going back to the step1 again step2 all over again.


Suggestion: Stick to one teacher only for the whole course. If unnecessary things happen that needs to cancel the class, then try to find a personal tutor. I mean, there are a lot of Online Tutors out there that has a reliable schedule and trustworthy without any connection of a company. However, weigh it over again. Try to check what are the advantages and disadvantages having a teacher connected to a company and advantages and disadvantages to have a personal tutor.


As of my experiences teaching online connected to a company and a stand-alone tutorials – I would prefer being connected to a company.

There is a huge difference talking of teaching online connected to a company and a stand-alone tutorials. I will be providing more thorough information about this study on my next post. Check it out “Advantages and Disadvantages of an Online Tutor/Teacher Connected to an Online School” and “Advantages and Disadvantages of a Stand-Alone Online Tutor/Teacher”.