“Advantages and Disadvantages with an Online Tutor/Teacher Connected to a company”

Simple definition to describe Online/Tutor Connected to a Company – is a teacher or tutor who worked in a company as an Online Teacher.


  • A teacher who gets students from a certain company and teach them according to the company’s premise.
  • Teacher who is provided with  several lesson materials to use for teaching.
  • A teacher who just wait for a call from the company to entertain new enrollment.
  • A teacher who is provided with tools for teaching collaboration.

In short term : They are the teachers who are “well-provided of the company’s valuable and relevant information to cater students need”.


Advantages :

  1. Ready materials for teaching. (Some teachers will do their own research and provide them to students, however those materials are validated from the company).
  2. Scheduling is in accordance with what they agreed about. (More reliable and safe because you – as a student is more dependent of the company)
  3. Trust is implemented especially those companies who are verified and trustworthy.
  4. Absence of the teacher/tutor can easily be replaced to another tutor – which means the students can still take lessons on the set day.
  5. Everything is ready for lesson implementation.

There are a lot of advantages that I probably missed out, just keep in mind that learning with a teacher/tutor connected to a company is more reliable – because those teachers undergone already varied exams and interviews from the company to make sure they are worth-working for.





I will cite few important matters to discuss for disadvantages having an Online Teacher/Tutor connected to a company.

  1. The change of a teacher/tutor at anytime can distract the learners’ progress.
  2. The payment of the students can hardly be refunded specially when students need to back-out or if necessary situations can happen.
  3. The absence of the student can only be supplied by make-up classes but cannot adjust the payment made.
  4. In short – some cases are limited.

To limit your access to your teacher/tutor is hard because might as well you will lose your appetite, like; you cannot contact your teacher/tutor directly to reschedule classes or even you want to ask important word you needed in that certain minute.


I personally can relate to this scenario when I taught as a Stand-Alone Tutor – wherein I was accessible by the student almost 24 hours a day – which is partly convenient to the students and partly disadvantage to the teacher. However, Online Teacher/Tutor must adhere to the so called – Mission and Vision. Which is to “Help Students Online to Learn on their comfortable schedule” right?


So here: Try reading this next post Advantages and Disadvantages of a Stand-Alone Teacher/Tutor” – This post will provide you with more in-depth information of what to choose from.


But before going any further, ask yourself first. Why take lessons online? – well, this post is for the students online and soon to be students online who has wide mind set to be connected and be open-minded. Mind you studentswe are in a world or great innovation and technology that could drive us into a very successful individual right? Found this interesting? Keep on reading.