Learners’ Learning Depend on the Teacher/s


Learners’ Learning depend on the teacher.

As soon as the learner entrusted to the teacher’s care, then it starts the additional learning process. Now, as you realize that whatever the teacher taught to the student it will mark a print on the learners learning. Mind you, the learning that they get from the teacher will stay and they are willing to defend it.

Admission Assessment Exam Review, 4e

Just to remind also that the teachers are not perfect. There might be a time that the lessons given is misleading or something that confusing I may say. All teachers do make mistakes as well.

I would cite one of the learners I had in 6th grade. The teacher mistakenly gave a wrong or a mistake information to the learner. The learner was just not really that knowledgeable about the topic to argue with. And so, as the teacher went on from the class, she did not even recognize  that the information was a mistake.

When the learner went home and did a review with the parents, the parents corrected the information that the learner had provided. Here came “The Argument” the misunderstanding. The student really defended that the information she has is correct “because the teacher says so.”. It took a couple of days before it was addressed the learning properly. Partly it may cause misunderstanding and confusions.

What the learner did? She approached the teacher, parents and back and forth. It was addressed by the teacher’s letter to the parents and a sort of apologizing for the misinformation. Anyway, apology is better than defending it even if its incorrect right?


I may say not all learning depends on the teacher however part of it, three fourths even of the student’s learning comes from the teacher. That is why one of the qualities the teacher should possess is a knowledge – (wide knowledge) of a certain topic.

This is normally happening in graders (Elementary Levels) seldom on JH and SH. Well, this is also part of the learning process of the students – they have to do a research as well for reference.

Suggestion: For teachers, always do research and prepare. Always motivate the learners to learn new and exciting knowledge. Share your knowledge to the top extent.

For students, do research as well to avoid misconceptions and misunderstanding to both parties. Always prioritize the things kept you learning.

By the way teachers, what motivations do you usually implement to your students that made them confident and could enhance the learning process easily? We need to motivate our learner because learners are dependent to teachers right. Teachers will do everything to keep the students enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.

All learning process should be in the process of motivation. I would love to talk about how they will be motivated and what are the motivations needed and suited motivations for each learners’ need. Each learner has different way of acquiring knowledge. When it comes to motivation, this serve as the very important tool to get the attention of the learners to focus and study more. How does motivation help the learners?