What is the best way to teach online and in school?

What Is The Best Way To Teach Online?



  • Be Resourceful – Do your own research and provide materials which are interesting and should not be common to the learners. Do interviews to an experienced online teachers, ask comments and suggestions then implement the relevant information you gathered.
  • Be Prepared – Plan your lessons ahead of time. Master the flow of your lessons and teach learners step by step process. Again, do not jump lessons over the other. The smoothness of lessons flow is very important for students learning.
  • Be Creative – Do some revision of your learning materials and books used. Use your creativity to improve and enhance the learning process.
  • Be Knowledgeable – You need and must be more knowledgeable than your learners. Learners love to learn things they don’t know yet and new things to learn about. Knowledge should come  much from the teachers. But do not empower students’ knowledge and expertise. All students are knowledgeable in some of their own ways.

There are times that teachers are not very familiar with students’ query, (applicable to Communication Enhancement) however those queries can be answered to the following day. Teachers, this situation has to happened once or twice only.

Always delaying the required learning of the learners may result of ineffectiveness of teachers teaching behavior.

  • Use your Sense of Humor most of the conversation – To make your learning fun and interesting, do some twist of your conversation where you and your learners can smile at times, scared at times or even wonder at times. This is the most effective way for teachers’ teaching style because you gain so much interesting conversation. Interaction of teacher-student is a great achievement being acquired in an online teaching.
  • Be Decent, Friendly and Gentle (professionalism) – Teachers may impose gaps in some other ways e.g personal topics of religion, personal life because decency of the teacher should maintain to prolong the respect of student-teacher relationship.
  • Be Attentive – Always answer ALL learners queries and questions. Accept and learn all comments and suggestions given from the learners, teachers and colleagues.
  • Lastly, Respect – Respect each student’s opinion, decision, thoughts and ideas.

The characteristics mentioned above are just the basic attitude that the teachers must have to manipulate the teaching ability. Partly in these ways, you can have an idea to know how and where to start with.

There are still a lot of qualities that a teacher must possesses to have the best way to teach online. Just keep on updating for more information.

We also provide activities for C-E-R just to add up your knowledge about it. Your comments and suggestions are very much welcomed.