Short Poems about Mother Nature

“Mother Earth” (#1)

What was clean and neat
Is now a dirty street.
Our polluted Earth
Is being hurt.

Together let us save
What Mother Earth gave.
Let us conserve
And give her what she deserved.

Let us clean this environment
Cleaner than what you've seen
To give back what Mother Earth lent.

Mother Earth (#2)

Blue oceans are full of dirt,
And the nature is very hurt.
Plants and trees are dying,
Mother Earth can't stop crying.

People are cutting trees,
Destroying the home of many bees.
But we can still Earth,
Let's take the seeds and give it birth.

Traveling through this forest,
It gives us feeling of rest.
Make the whole world colorful again,
And stop the Mother Earth's pain.

               Mother Earth (#3)

The Mother Earth is green and blue,
It's big enough for me and you.
The world we live in is indescribable
Everything in it is so beautiful.

The Mother Earth is so big and round,
We live in it all year round.
The trees above are green,
It's like something you've never seen.

We've made such a mess,
We didn't let mother earth rest,
Everyone shall do what they must
In order to save us.