Where Are The Effective Teachers Online Now?

I have observed in the past couple of months until now could be the most hard finding effective teachers online. Each day is getting harder to locate good teachers. Where are they?

When I started my school online, I can easily get and hire effective teachers with less demands. I have couple of American teachers which I consider the Native English teachers, Canadian Teachers, UK teachers, Philippines teachers and others. I will just post in one of the hiring sites online my need of teachers, just a minute or two I can see more than 10 applicants who are qualified teachers. Some have certificates like IELTS, TOEFL and the like. We discussed, and agreed then we’re done.

I am just wondering nowadays. I tried to post my need of teachers on the site I used to. I got few applicants only and just 1 or 2 were qualified.


Sites that I usually post my “Hiring” are the Upwork most of the time. Monster.com and the others. One of the best site to hire teachers online is the Upwork. Both the company and the teachers are secure. Reliable I may say because they have rules to impose the reliability of the employees. On the other side, teachers also are confident of the company since it showed the performance of both parties.

Unfortunately as of this time, effective teachers cannot be found just a snap. I recently interviewed one of the effective teachers who was supposed to be hired. I just refused on the last minute because as we went on with our conversation, the teacher demanded for more than my proposal which is quite far and unreachable just because of the certificates the teacher’s have. I can’t help myself but to realize that the teachers nowadays are different. Some are even asking for insurance and etc. Well, I may say that the things they are asking are quite attainable however those demands need to be discussed and reviewed in accordance with the online rules and regulations.