Advantages and Disadvantages with a Stand-Alone Online Tutor/Teacher

This is the perfect post for those who are confuse of having an Online Teacher. What is meant by “Stand-Alone Online Teacher”?

Stand-Alone Online Teacher – I will define it as a some kind of a Personal Tutor Online. It is a direct contact of the students whenever, whatever and wherever the situations bring you. I will discuss and perhaps could give more detailed information of the advantages and disadvantages of the Stand-Alone Teacher/ Tutor.



Advantages :

  1. Direct contact to the teacher. Learners can ask to reschedule classes, cancel or even absence can be negotiated. – Learners might have important matters to attend to, then learners can directly call, send a text message if possible to ask for change of schedule. This is good and at the comfort of the learner. But somehow disadvantage to the teacher. However, the teacher can also negotiate in respond to the learners’ request. Right? YES! 
  2. Negotiation of payment and everything is possible. The learners can ask few demos from the teacher and the fee as well,  some kind of a personal discount or whatsoever that could be agreed to both parties.
  3. The contract to have 1 teacher/ tutor the whole learning process is 99% attainable.  This time, the learners can request to agreed the by course learning to the teacher. (e.g paying the teacher after each of the month but to assure to continue.
  4. The trust is now building as if you know each others well. – This develops learners confidence to interact and ask more questions (any question). Could be personal, life, experiences of anything that could absolutely lead to a meaningful and entertaining discussion – the boredom here is unlock.
  • Boredom is usually a common complain to some learners. (The lessons are boring, the teacher is boring, the conversation is boring) everything is boring. This will then lost the learning online appetite. If these concern prolong, then this could be the threat to all Online Schools or Tutorials. Am I right? 
  • Suggestion here : Online Schools/Tutorials should combine “powers” to feel each student release from boredom in taking lessons online.



  1. Learners itself don’t know how to check eligibility of the teachers to teach.
  2. Some online teachers pretend to be good in teaching.
  3. Some of them will provide fake certificates just to get students – these have been a common shared experiences to the people I interviewed.
  4. The capability and eligibility of the teacher is at stake on this – this could lead to the learners failure to learn. That’s the most annoying part – “to regret”.
  • Suggestion here: For learners online – make sure to do your personal research of your tutors experiences and other qualifications to validate and to prove they are the one you are looking for.
  • Suggestion here: For teachers online– make sure to authenticate your words and eligibility might as well have a “word of honor”.

Then again, weighing things can possibly change everything, sometimes following instincts would be helpful.

Anyway, I have a big question for the Online Teachers/Tutors ; WHY TEACH ONLINE?…. Well, I could say we have the same thoughts when I was at that point. I will then share my ideas about it in detail to help others weigh there thoughts to study or teach online. Please read my post “Why Teach Online?.