New idea to promote and foster (STEM) – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education for girls

An initial idea from the Girl Scouts of the USA which aimed to promote and foster science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education for girls is to earn cybersecurity badges.


The badge can be earned if young girls mastered various cybersecurity topics starting in the fall of 2018. The initial idea came from the young Girl Scout participants themselves.

Girl Scouts of the USA has 1.8 million young members and part of their announcements that they were partnering with the cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks to create the curriculum for girls to learn about everything from how to protect your identity online to programming and understanding hacking.

Sylvia Acevedo, the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA said, ” We’re not just selling cookies, we are going to become cybersecurity experts”. She added ” To be globally competitive, girls today need to know not just how to use computers but also to program them”.

“We asked the girls what they want and they said they want more STEM badges,”The girls told us that they wanted cybersecurity badges.”

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According to Mark McLaughlin, CEO of Palo Alto Networks that the organization’s mission to prevent cyber attacks “is only achievable is we make meaningful investments not just in technology but also in people”

Each badge that the Girl Scout earns is displayed on their individual uniform and represents that the girl has mastered a certain topic.

Another overwhelming idea came from young girls which could be helpful in all students and children. As we know the world of technology now is really addictive where we can expose our identity and everything about us that could lead us to harm or any crimes. This brilliant idea helps not only protecting young girls but making an innovation individual in the future, since it also aimed to program computers not only to master using them but to program them.

Education now is really a powerful tool for greater and better future. Inventions and innovations of today’s generation are at peak to build good future. Let us all support good education to all learners.