Why Do You Teach Online?

Now, let me turn my thoughts to the teachers online. I will raised these questions first and foremost.

  1. Are you planning to teach online?
  2. What is the best way to teach online?
  3. Are you currently teaching online?
  4. How will you be able to cope with great demands in teaching online nowadays?

Let me go over one by one. Please bear with me as I tackle each of these significant topics.


  • Planning to teach online? – Wow, I can say wow kudos  to that 😊. You have made the right choice, either to teach online for a living or part time, leisure time or just to add up to your income. You have the right decision!

As far as I can remember back to my freelancer years I have planted this quote in my mind “Plan to Teach Online”. Then followed by “How can I teach online”? And so on…

There are a lot of ways to be effective and efficient teacher online:


a.) Master your lesson planning – You need to know what is going on with your lessons. Lesson Planning is one of the great method to have a smooth flow of the learning process. Apply 1 step at a time, step by step moving forward. This is the systematic implementation of each lesson. Never jump lessons over the other – it will confuse the learning process of the learners.

b.) Never to be late nor absent from the class – This is to show importance of your job and you care each of every detailed implementation your going to. Being always online to the agreed schedule is the most catching point of student’s eagerness to learn to pursue learners study.

c.) Love your passion to teach – Doing things you don’t love and care is a waste. Teaching is a passion not an option. Teaching is a noble and great job, mind you not all people who wish to teach can teach right? Which means you are very much fortunate if you have the chance teach especially online.

I felt my online teaching victory way back few years ago when one of the reputable schools accepted me to teach their students – from there and then, I pursue my passion to teach. It widen my thoughts, knowledge and everything when it comes to online. It had been the start of my full time access to online which inspired me to build my own business online which is to have my own Online School

But before everything happens, I did a lot of study, research and interviews to achieve what I was working on. It never happened to reach right away.


Suggestion: Do not just jump into teaching quickly, do research and check your ability to teach online. Mind you Online Teachers, you are dealing with great opportunity, people and future ahead of you. Make the best out of it.