Short Poems about Mother Earth #3


Mother Earth is where we live,
In here, we celebrate Christmas Eve.
It has colors, green and blue,
But now it's brown like mud pits too.

Mother Earth needs to be clean,
To make it blue and green again.
We need to avoid pollution,
Because it is one of the solutions.

Reducing, recycling and reusing,
Is what we should be doing.
Helping Mother Earth to be clean,
'Cause it is where we have been.

Trashes are scattered everywhere,
From cities to villages to nowhere.
Different kinds of pollution are rising,
Causing Earth to start global warming.

To help, we plant trees,
Plant flowers for bees.
We shouldn't litter,
For there are poor critters.

Throw trash properly,
To make Earth looks lovely.
Together we can save,
What our father gave.