Short Poems for Mother Earth #2

                “CHANGE”-MOTHER EARTH #1

Blue oceans are full of dirt,
And the nature is very hurt.
Plants and trees are dying,
Mother Earth can't stop crying.

People are cutting trees,
Destroying the home of many bees.
But we can still save the Earth,
Let's take the seeds and give it birth.

Traveling through this forest,
It gives us a feeling of rest.
Make the whole world colorful again,
And stop the Mother Earth's pain.


Mother Earth is such a beautiful place to live in,
So we should not treat this planet as a big trash bin.
This planet is becoming more polluted and polluted,
Where climate change is becoming a more common thing instead.

Let's save our planet because it's not too late yet,
Let's clean our planet so that we can change our climate.
Save the trees and pick up the trash,
For trees are not meant for cash.

The ocean is becoming more polluted,
Let's clean it before every fish became dead.
It may take billion years,
But at the end of the day, it won't end up in tears.

Once our Earth was a beautiful place,
Now, destroyed by the human race.
We keep building our society,
But it will increase the intensity.

But we can stop this by helping our Earth,
Because it's everything we're worth.
One land, skies, ground and sea,
Our Earth is getting polluted because of you and me.

Our Earth is dying, let's be aware,
Of this planet we're in, so that it will be fair.
'Cause if we don't, it's the cause of our destruction,
But we can save by stopping mass construction.