Skirt for Boys at School?

These are schoolboys decided to take a stand against school uniform policy from ISCA Academy in Exeter.

It says, it is unfair that girls wear skirts and they stayed fresh all day sitting at school while boys are sweating their legs sitting in the classroom because of hot pants.

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It’s unfair because boys are not allowed to wear shorts in summer. So, they are hoping to consider as one of the policies.

These schoolboys have their points about wearing skirt is best, and it is agreeable. It has been long decades were boys wear long pants. It is the way it used to, until these boys have broad mindset to stay fresh at school in wearing skirts. Skirts are possible for boys/men students?

There is no wrong in wearing skirts, its just that people are used to see boys wearing pants. Lets us tackle the advantages and disadvantages of this topic.


  • Boys students will feel fresh and never to sweat unlike the pants.
  • They can move freely, since boys are easy to get their legs stretched.
  • Boys may feel equal with girls.


  • People are not used in seeing boys wearing skirts. Bullying might arise maybe at first.
  • Controlling of legs stretching since it is open. Might as well wear some tiny undershorts, which is a bit awkward to some boys.
  • Boys cannot move freely.

There are more of advantages and disadvantages to tackle here, but let us leave it for now and wait for more updates.