Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz #12

We learned Subject-Verb Agreement from the previous post. Now let us check if we can get all the answers correctly out of this personalize quiz we’ve made.

Note: Do not look the answers below. Answer first on your own the check your answers after.

Direction: Put a check on the correct verb/linking verb.

  1. Either the physicians in this hospital or the chief administrator _________ going to make a decision.
a. is
b. are

2. Three quarters of the students ____________ against the tuition hike.

a. is
b. are

3. Some of the grain ____________ to be contaminated.

a. appear
b. appears

4. ____________ my boss or my sisters in the union going to win this grievance?

a. is
b. are

5. Everyone selected to this jury ____________ to be willing to give up a lot of time.

a. have
b. has

6. The tornadoes that tear through this county every spring ____________ more than just  nuisance.

a. are
b. is

7. Kara Walters, together with her teammates, _________________ a formidable opponent on the basketball court.

a. presents
b. present

8. The old man with all the dogs ___________ down our street.

a. walk
b. walks

9. The equipment _______ for delivery.

a. is
b. are

10. The teacher as well as the students, _____________ enjoying the picnic.

a. were
b. was