How To Handle 21st Century Learners


I have made a case study to my selected learners on why they acted differently. Most of the learners today have their own way of acquiring knowledge, own way of learning. I sometimes think that from the activities I had implemented was more on student centered activities which I believe the most popular method to use for learners nowadays.

I may say 21st Learners common concern is the attitude towards the learning process. Before we can identify how to handle them, there should be a study to what’s going on. Firstly, I will talk about the behavior. The study that I made came up that behavior of the learners towards learning have changed tremendously because of the evolving generations to generation.

Most of the students’ behavior towards learning are more on learning they can get from the environment they are exposed to, people they encounter from day to day basis.


One of my techniques to handle these kinds of students is “Exposure Method”. Since these students are acquiring knowledge fastly when interacting, mingling and being exposed then, why not expose them to learn the lessons that you are implementing. The Learner-Centered Method – which allows them to interact with each other. Until then the teacher is only to facilitate and guide them.

The way the student learned are “quick time” only. They cannot sustain lessons for an hour. The span of their learning attitude depends on the facilitator.

For the materials being used – I believe that updated materials and information should be used. Presentation of the materials should be catchy and interesting to the students.

To impose the interesting topics for the students, this should needs the Art of Questioning. Throwing questions to students should be relevant and related to the topic.

Another technique here is to to revise questions “The Art Of Questioning” – In order for the learners to participate actively, questions should always relate to real life situations. Students can easily learned if there is always the connection of real life situations.


Therefore, I have come to realized that :

1. Behavior or Attitude should always comes first – as a teacher learn and study first your student’s behavior, know them as much as you can.


2. Implement Effective Classroom Management – I believe that no learning takes place if you cannot manage your class.


3. Prepare your Learner-Centered Teaching Method – To facilitate learning.


4. The Art Of Questioning – As the lesson goes, questions are the basic learning conversation to start.

To handle 21st Century Learners is difficult and easy – Difficult in the sense that, its more tasking at first but as you go along the process, mastery is a great tool to be effective.

Easy in the sense that learning materials and books or any other tools are always available as long as implementation is proper. To inculcate learning and to handle these learners will greatly depend on the teachers. Teachers have great role in molding learner’s knowledge for the future generation.