How to Lessen Behavioral Problems, Suspension and Absences of the Students


There were a lot of studies on how to lessen behavioral problems, suspension and absences of the students in the class. One of the strategies is what we call the Meditation Process.

Meditation – the act or process of spending time in quiet thought: the act or process of meditating. An expression of a person’s thoughts on something. (Meriam Webster Dictionary)

In the definition alone, students and teachers can achieve great focus and concentration inside the classroom. The process of focusing fully to what is intended to think.

This process can help lowering stress, anxiety and even depression. It is meant to relax your deeper and inner mind in peace. According to Neurosciences – the brain can absorb information and retain memory when in relaxed state. This can improve student’s memory and attention.


This has been proven to some schools where implementation of Meditation is wide. In the study shows Meditation lessen suspensions, reducing absences and good behavior is maintained.

The learning process of the students using Meditation is fast and easy. Students feel relax, no worrying of anything, their minds are set to achieve 1 goal at a time. When a student process learning one by one this could lead to more success and more determined that they have learned correctly and in the right way.