Behavioral Test Instructions


Mark each question with:

1 for  Never

2 for Occasionally

3 for Often

4 for Always

Do you:

  1. Find it impossible to say no?
  2. Agree to things because they’re expected of you?
  3. Wait to be offered a raise instead of asking for one?
  4. Feel you’re not allowed to say “no” even if you’re drowning with work/concerns?
  5. Ask for permission when getting permission is unnecessary? Example: “Is it okay if I go on break or eat while we’re meeting”?
  6. Get asked to stay late at work or do work nobody else wants to do?
  7. Apologize even when you haven’t done anything wrong?
  8. Put up with unwanted noise rather than ask someone to stop using their mobile phone, personal stereo, etc?
  9. Believe people don’t want to hear what you have to say?
  10. Find it impossible to take the initiative at meetings?
  11. Have friends that overstay their welcome?
  12. Worry about what other people think, even if you don’t even know them?
  13. Eat food you don’t like rather than send it back?
  14. Smile when you are giving or receiving bad news?
  15. Go on holiday’s you don’t want because everyone else want to go there?
  16. Find yourself saying “Whatever you want to do is fine with me” when someone asks you what you want to do?
  17. Seek confirmation when you make a suggestion. Example: “Is that alright with you”?
  18. Ask redundant questions such as; “Can I ask a question”? or “Would it be all right if…”?

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