Evaluating Your Responses



Most answers are 1s and 2s (Never and Occasionally), then you probably a good judge of the appropriate behavior for the appropriate situation. You may sometimes do things you’d probably not or mentally kick yourself for altering your behavior when you wish you hadn’t.

You’re life probably works the way you’d like it to. You’re not afraid of being disliked because you know it’s impossible for everyone to like everyone and therefore it is unlikely you feel compelled to alter your behavior to make others happy.

You are well integrated, means that your inner and outer world match. You didn’t edit your thoughts and actions to such degree that you diminish yourself. It would be useful for you to fine-tune those few uncomfortable areas of your life you’d like to be more in charge of.


Most answers are 2s and 3s (Occasionally and Often). Then there are most likely, some areas in your life that don’t work as well as you’d like and where things feel like they are in someone else’s control.

For you, being nice doesn’t rule your life, but it exerts a fairly strong influence on it and you’d like to be able to readjust those parts of it that are stopping you feeling truly comfortable with yourself.

You may feel that your life is made up of contradictions: At times you have no problem sticking up yourself, getting what you want, going against the status quo and feeling comfortable doing so; there will be other times when you buckle under, feel paralyzed to do anything and/or get angry without voicing your feelings.

Since you know that there are times when you can affect the outcome of tricky situations in your favor and other times when you seem completely powerless to change anything, it will be the contradictions which are more puzzling.


Most answers are 3s and 4s (Often and Always), then you know already how serious this is for you. You know, you feel compromised and let down a lot of the time. Your head says “NO” but your mouth says “YES”. You’re afraid of offending and you continually adapt your behavior to what you think other people want. You are probably a people-please because you fear that, not pleasing could somehow land you in a great deal of trouble.

You play the game of life by rules you have made up. Not only that, you really do believe these rules are in other people’s control. You feel bad a lot of the time; uneasy, unsure, anxious, frustrated and worried.


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