How Useful Is CONTRACTION In Real Life Situation?


What is contraction?

Contraction is . . .

One of the Essential Questions to ponder about learning Contraction. Since we are now dealing with advanced students and preparing them in real life situations, we need to think outside the box. Essential Question’s answer won’t depend on rules and regulations on grammar or any rules of English Language.

How do we relate contraction into a real life situations?

  • The way we speak
  • The way we write

Contraction is mostly used in speaking and writing. Do we use contraction in real life situation? Absolutely YES!


How Useful Is CONTRACTION In Real Life Situation?

It is considered that contraction is very useful in real life situations;

  1. It is part of the curriculum
  2. It is part of the competencies
  3. It is one of the lessons need to learn to create fluency in speaking and writing.
  4. One way to save time in speaking.
  5. One way to save time and space in writing.
Let's take this example:

I will - I'll

It is very obvious, the I will is longer than I'll

Most students prefer to write and speak in shorter words to save time, effort, space to give more emphasis on the topic being talk about or on the composition written. Most students don’t give more importance on the longer words since they can use it in a shorter manner.

Using contraction can help through managing time efficiently, can make work easy and fastl which is really in demand for real life situations.