Writing a Simple Composition


We’ll take this definitions in line with English Composition meaning.

As a teacher we always ask our students to give instructions and direction clearly as possible. A set of instructions and directions relates processes, in specific details, in correct sequence and appropriate language.

Simple steps to follow:


  • Think of something to process that you would like to share with others. Example: cooking your favorite dish, finding a star in the sky, caring for a plant, or any other process.
  • Arrange or visualize the order of the process and write it down.
  • Make a title or good topic sentence to begin your set of instructions.

Topic Sentence– it names the process to be explained. It may include a list of materials.


  • Write your explanation and the instructions or procedures that are included.


  • Read your draft up to the very end of it. You can make a checklist.
√ Did I state my main idea in the first paragraph clearly?
√ Did I explain all the information needed for my audience?
√ Did I write to speak directly to my audience?
√ Did I write the steps in logical manner so that the reader 
  can follow through?


  • The next to Revising is now Editing. After you finish with Revising then Editing is the next. You can also make a checklist for this. This is more on the correct writing process.
√ Did I indent the first line of each paragraph?
√ Are capital letters properly place?
√ Punctuation at the end of each sentence is present?
√ Did I use the right words?
√ Are the spelling of all words correct?
√ Did I write well-formed sentences

Note: You can also ask your colleagues to check if you might missed something. 2 heads are better than one.


  • Finalize your work by printing to provide the final copy.

That’s how simple it is. Try it now!