How collaboration of different nationality teachers helped prevent bullying at school?

Schools today especially in U.K are in crisis for teachers to teach their students. That is why most schools are getting different teacher’s nationalities around the world. Not only in U.K but there are some schools accepting different nationalities because those teachers are only capable and only qualified for some sort of needs in the school. This is the diversion of teachers takes part.

Diversity is a range of different things, variety, mix, a state of having people who are different races or who have different cultures in a group or organization.

Diversity is beneficial for students and in the classroom to inculcate their young minds that it is not scary to ask questions. Kids nowadays are very curious, they have some kind of their own world. In teaching, teachers would not only to accommodate lessons questions – apart from that, teachers build connections to the students where different questions may arise. Questions that are not part of the lesson topics especially to teachers came from other races.

Part of their curiosity questions like : Where do you come from? What language do you speak? Where your family come from? Most of the students are scared to ask because they might offend someone. So this is really the time that these kids need a diverse teacher that could explain and can tell them to express freely and kids shouldn’t scared about it.

This is the feeling that kids really need diversity to help them grow more mature, aware and they can have broad understanding to the society.

There are classrooms as well with mix nationalities of students who are afraid to ask each other thinking of something might offend their classmates with some out of the lesson topic questions. To be afraid to ask might lead a student to be alone and cannot get along with other kids. If this happens, more likely  those kids feel unmotivated and won’t like to go to school or even worst.

This could mean that diversity teachers played a great role in shaping and educating kid’s perception about different races and nationalities. Kids develop a sense of belonging, gain friends and will learn to love each other regardless of races and nationalities.  This could greatly help bullying in the classroom and in the society.