Good News To Mom

Science is one of the difficult subjects students have to deal with at school. Scientists study critical observations to come up with great inventions.

According to research, genius in Science owe someone to whom they got their knowledge from.

mom and daughter

Pat your mom now! Congratulations mom. 

Genius in Science you owe your mom a pat and a hug. It is confirmed that kids get their intelligence from mom.

It has been proven scientifically, according to the study that certain genes operate differently. The genes that determine intelligence are located in chromosome X. Chromosome X carried by mother is 2 times more, the father has only 1 chromosome X. Children are twice as likely to get intelligence from their mom. In addition to the reports intelligence genes from the father are deactivated.

The evidence started way back in 1994 where the researchers from the Medical Research Council Social and Public Health Sciences Unit had interviewed 12, 686 people from age 14 to 22.

After accounting for the children’s IQ, race, education, and socio-economic status, and the result which the best predictor for intelligence was mom’s IQ.

Another scientific hypothesis that “smart mom raised smart kids”. Moms are the primary architects of their child’s environment during the period of critical brain development – Forbes says.

However, don’t count the dads out yet. It was estimated by the scientists that only about 40 to 60 percent of intelligence is hereditary, with environmental factors. So might as well dads have great contributions to kids intelligence but we need more confirmations to the study on this.

Right now, Congratulations mom for this early confirmation.