Degrees of Comparison – Activity 23

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Making Comparisons In English: Similarities, Dissimilarities, Degrees (English Daily Use)

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Direction: Choose the correct adjective to be used in each sentence.

1. long - longer - longest

   The baby's mother had a _____________ nap.
She napped for 1 hour.
   The grandmother had a _____________ nap than the baby's mother. She
   napped for two hours.
   The baby had the ____________ nap of the three. He napped for 3 hours.

2. big - bigger - biggest

   Among the plants in our yard, the banana has
the ______________ leaves. The sweet potato plant
has ______________ leaves, too, but the eggplant
has ______________ leaves than the sweet potato.

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3. tall - taller - tallest

   In a man-made forest in South America, I took the picture of the ________
tree I have ever seen in my life. It was 60 feet tall. But father said he 
had seen a ____________ tree. It was 80 feet tall. Mother has seen a _______
tree with an unusual shape.

4. hot - hotter - hottest

   Today is a ___________ day. It is 32 degrees Celsius.
   Yesterday was ___________ than today. It was 34 degrees Celsius.
   Last Tuesday was the __________ day this week. It was 35 degrees Celsius.

5. strong - stronger - strongest

   The cow is a ___________ work animal.
   Some elephants are also work animals.
   But which is __________, a cow or an elephant?
   The lion is not a work animal. But it is one of the _________ animals in
   the jungle.

6. deep - deeper - deepest

   Many rivers are __________. But seas are ____________ than rivers. Of
   the bodies of water, oceans are the ____________.