Harvard Accepted Mostly Nonwhite Students – Which Led To Probing On Discrimination


It was recorded as:

  • 22.2% – Asian-American
  • 14.6% – African-American
  • 11.6% – Latino
  • 1.9% – Native Americans
  • 0.5% – Native Hawaiians

On our beliefs, to accept different nationalities in a university is not actually a discrimination. It is just to affirm that the school is on the process of adopting the diversion process to which our society in this generation needed the most. We agree with Harvard spokeswoman Jackson said in the statement “To become leaders in our diverse society, students must have the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives,” “Harvard remains committed to enrolling diverse classes of students”.

Which is discriminating?

  1. The school that accepts diverse students?
  2. The body of students who cannot accept diverse students to enroll in their school?

In reality, all students from different countries need a reliable and competent school and it happened that one of the schools is Harvard. It is the freewill of each person to enroll and be part of  the school they wanted to. If Harvard wont accept with different nationality students then that is clearly discrimination.

It might come out as you’re trying to forbid the students’ will/freedom to experience the quality of education which they believed that could be achieved in Harvard?

Achieving success cannot be measured by the distinction of each other. Great competition comes from different ability which might came from other countries as well.

Refusing to enroll the diverse array of students might be a sign of selfishness and cowardliness in the sense that you do not want other nationalities to excel.