What is the Best Way to Create a Meaningful Conversation?

Conversation is an oral exchange of talks involving 2 people or group of people having a discussion of anything like sentiments, observations, opinions or ideas. Conversation is the use of language to interact between people.

Creating a conversation is easy, but creating a meaningful conversation is somehow students, teachers, or people got confused about it.

Best way to create meaningful convoCreating a meaningful conversation has somehow been forgotten by some students, teachers, and of the people. Now, what made the conversation meaningful? There are a lot of factors that create a meaningful conversation but talking about the best way to create meaningful conversation has no exact answer because each person has different point of view. My best way might not work to other people, and same with their best way might not work for me. So, the best way to create meaningful conversation depends on the situations, conditions or any circumstances.

Best way to create meaningful convo

However, the meaningful conversation can be created through the use of polite expressions – the basic foundation to have a good conversation. Polite expressions like greetings to the person you’re having a conversation with, saying simple “How are you?”, I’m sorry and the like. To have these words will walk you through the process of creating a good conversation. Example: A teacher Talking to kids/childrens/students, just to remind not to show arrogance, like; you know everything in the world. Do not let them feel underestimated, just a simple respect to each other, could be kids or adult or anyone.

Another thing to create a meaningful conversation is the Rapport.

Rapport by Google definition is a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.

In deed, rapport is making the conversation as friendly relationship. The creation of harmonious, friendly relationship with mutual understanding or empathy that makes communication possible and easy.

Best way to create meaningful convo

Rapport is the way to prolong conversation in fun way, there is enjoyment while having a conversation. It makes the connection, and to get to know the person more without hesitations. Can build openness to each other. Rapport can absolutely ease boredom.



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