Back To School Essentials for this Generation

According to the research, this generation have brought different types of adventures. Instances were unexpectedly happened beyond expectations to different situations or cases.

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Now, we have come up with the most important and necessary essentials in going back to school.


  • is what all students and people have, but this time it should be more than enough to fight the struggles at school specifically the bullying and other emotional related depressions. Bullying have done so much destruction and depressions of oneself. If you have so much courage within you, then you can defeat whatever depressions thrown by anyone else. You will succeed from this unfortunate traits.


  • Everyone has confidence which should always be practiced especially at school. Confidence can give so much positive outcomes to one’s life. The only key is to believe in your self, no matter what other people say as long as you do the right thing. Being confident is just as showing what you can do and  what you’re capable of.

    This is me

      Being Vigilant

  • As the occurrence of different tragedies in the world, schools are included as one of the targets for any violent actions. With this, being vigilant or at least taking considerations of the surroundings and environment you are in, can greatly help for safety.


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