Social – Emotional or Academic Growth of the Students?

One of the questions arise is “Which is more relevant to focus on students’ growth? Is it Social-Emotional or Academic growth of the students?

Could it be both?

Social-Emotional and Academic growth are the essential needs that mold students’ growth which none of which should be left behind.

Before come up with a conclusion to what to focus on students’ growth, let us examine first to what kind of students we are dealing with, and determine the different factors that could greatly affect their growth. Who are the students in today’s generation? How their learning process be attainable?

According to research, and it has been a fact that families, friends and environment are factors that greatly affect students’ growth. Physically, emotionally and spiritually are formed on these criteria or factors.


Now, these factors fall 80% under Social – Emotional Growth of a student.

Social – Emotional Growth of the students are formed through their experiences and expressions. It covers more on dealing with emotions, relationship toward others. The ability to understand each other’s emotions and how to deal with, in a constructive manner.

Social – Emotional includes intra-personal and interpersonal development. It helps students interact properly and competitively in the class.

Social- Emotional Growth are shaped during childhood development. How well your parents raised you, what kind of environment you have, and the people that surrounds you.

According to research, students with highly shaped Social – Emotional are those who excel in academics. Why?

Academic Growth of the students is commonly referred as Achievement Growth. Achievement is commonly measured to an assessment in a certain period of time. (quizzes, tests, exams, etc) with standard criteria to assess students’ knowledge.

Student’s Academic Growth is the process of measuring the knowledge acquired to a certain level of education. On how knowledgeable the students in certain assessment using Standardized – Test Scores.

In response to the questions on what to focus on students’ growth? Social – Emotional or Academics?

The growth of the students depend on how a student being shaped from his/her childhood and how the student reacts in every step of his/her growth. There is no exact process to what to focus on students’ growth because it depends on the level of the students academically and socially.

The fact that both Social – Emotional and Academic Growth are essential to each individual.

Tools are created to cater each child’s needs to cope the proper development for both social – emotional and academic growth. Student Centered Technique, differentiated materials and different personality test approach.

In conclusion, the focus on students’ growth can be attainable depending on students’ level of understanding and capacity to perceive or reacts to new learning.