What Kind of Students We are Dealing with?

To further assist the learning growth of the students, we need to execute various research and tests to properly introduce the best technique suitable for each student.

The technique that will initiate learning should depend on the students’ capacity to perceive knowledge.

There are assigned individual to test students’ capacity, like the guidance personnel. The guidance personnel will provide mostly behavioral tests, personality tests and other tests that could help identify the students’ behavior. Not only behavioral or psychological test they provide but they are also tasked to provide I.Q Test, Knowledge, Process and Understanding Tests of the students.


The result of these tests belong to the initial process to which the guidance personnel are obliged to inform the in-charge teacher to further assist the students and to give more detailed and specific learning tools suited for the students.

From there, all direct contact with the students can properly deal to what to focus on the students’ growth. (collaboration of school personnel should be a top priority in the school management).

Furthermore, the kind of students in this generation need to engage a more fun and friendly activities, mentioning the differentiated activities to initiate good discussion and interaction in the classroom.