VERB as an action word, not an action word, linking/BE and other related

File 07-10-2017, 9 55 58 AMVerb – an action word

  Examples: sleep, sing, dance


  1. I did not sleep last night.
  2. She sings nicely.
  3. Joseph dances gracefully.

Verb – as linking/BE verbs


Sentence examples:

  1. He is really beautiful.
  2. His pen and pencil are on the desk

Not: Be mindful of the number of subject in using any kind of verbs. The number of subject will help you choose whether to use a singular or a plural form of the verb.


Verbs – that don’t show action. Considered as Helping Verbs.

Sentence Examples:

  1. My mother has a new recipe book on Chinese dishes.
  2. Really? I love Mandarin dishes, especially those with different spices.
  3. I think Mother will be glad to prepare one for our lunch.
  4. Yes, Mother appears excited to cook one for us.

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Verb Phrase

  • Consists of two parts:
  1. Helping verb
  2. Action verb


  • He is reading quietly in one corner of the classroom.
  • I am studying the multiplication table.
  • Some students are waiting for his answer.

Coding: Orange color – Linking Verbs, Pink color – Action Verbs.

Two – Word Verbs

  • They are formed by combining a verb with another word called a participle, usually a preposition or an adverb.
  • Some two-word verbs can be separated by placing a noun in between; others are inseparable.


came in, put down, sit down, look up, wrote down, etc.

More examples below:

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