Punctuation Marks and It’s Usage

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Punctuation Mark

    • Used to divide a piece of writing into sentences, clauses, etc.
    • Any of various standardized marks or signs used in punctuation.

5 Basic Punctuation Marks

  1. Comma ( , ) – A punctuation mark, that is used to separate words or group of words in a sentence.

Comma Rules:

There are 7 comma rules to consider. . . continue…

2. Period ( . ) – the full pause with which the utterance of a sentence closes. End or stop.

– a point ( . ), used to mark the end (as of a declarative sentence or an abbreviation).

When to Use a Period (. )?

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Period Rules:

  1. Place a period as a decimal point.


  1. The price  of vegetable increased by 3.5 percent.

2. Use a period ( . ) to separate dollar whole amount and centavo.


  1. Sarah paid $62.50 for the book.

3. Place a period ( . ) after an abbreviation.


  1. The students greeted Mr. Smith cheerfully.
  2. The search for Mr. and Ms. International.

4. Place a period ( . ) after an initial.


  1. I have just finished reading a book by T.S Elliot.

5. Place a period ( . ) at the end of the sentence.


  1. Claire dances gracefully.
  2. Vaughn loves to read.

3. Exclamation Point ( ! )
Exclamation Mark

  • Exclamation – a sharp or sudden cry: a word, phrase, or sound that expresses a strong emotion.
  • Exclamation point ( ! ) – a punctuation mark, used to show a forceful way of speaking or a strong feeling.

When to Use an Exclamation Point ( ! )?

Exclamation Point ( ! ) Rule:

  1. Place an Exclamation Point ( ! ) on the words that stressed strong emotions. Usually placed at the end of a sentence, phrase, or word to indicate a strong emotion.

Note: Never use more than one exclamation point.


  1. “ouch”!, he jumped.
  2. “wow”!, he cried.

4. Question Mark ( ! )

  • is used after a direct question to indicate doubt or being uncertain to something.

When to Use a Question Mark ( ? )?

If You Were a Question Mark (Word Fun)

Question Mark ( ? ) Rule:

  1. Place a Question Mark at the end of a question.


  1. Did you talk to Laura?
  2. Why do birds fly?
  3. How have you been?

5. Apostrophe ( ‘ )

  • used to show some letters/letter was omitted or letter/letters being added

When to Use an Apostrophe ( ‘ )?

Apostrophe Rule ( ) Rules:

  1. Use an Apostrophe in a possessive noun.


  • Jelly’s composition is very interesting.
  • Danna’s recital was very entertaining.

2. Use an Apostrophe in contraction to show where letter/letters have been omitted or left out.


  • This isn’t my book.
  • I haven’t heard from Ciara since he transferred to another university.