Reading Comprehension Practice – Part 1

Directions: In this test you will read several passages. Answer all the questions that follow by encircling the correct answer.

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Passage A

  1. One reason that so many people fail is that they lack confidence in themselves. If you think of yourself as being unworthy of great achievement, you will never achieve greatness. If, on the other hand, you know yourself and understand what your abilities are, and if then you are determined to accomplish and gain confidence in yourself.
  2. One of the surest ways to accomplish this is for you to associate with persons who have really achieved greatness. It is impossible, however, for most people to come frequently into the actual presence of the great. The next best thing, perhaps, is for you to spend part of your time in reading about great achievers. Biography is a powerful stimulant to action.
  3. But these processes will not work unless you rid yourself of a sense of inferiority and determined to do the best that you possibly can. One of the great philosophers expressed the idea in a single sentence when he said that each individual should hitch his wagon to a star.


  1. What is the main idea of the selection?

a. Self-confidence is hard to achieve

b. Many people suffer from an inferiority complex

c. Knowing oneself leads to great achievement in life

d. Self-confidence is the key factor in achieving success in life

2. Which paragraph/s gives/give specific suggestions on how to develop confidence in  oneself?

a. Paragraph 1            b. Paragraph 2          c. Paragraph 1 and 3         d. Paragraph 2 and 3

3. What word is synonymous or closest in meaning to the word “hitch” as used in the last sentence of the selection?

a. drive            b. fasten          c. detach             d. remove

4. Successful people are different from those who are not because they

a. Work hard at having faith in their abilities.

b. Persevere to achieve greatness.

c. Hesitate to take risk by themselves.

d. Disregard the opinions of others.

5. What does the saying “Each individual should hitch his wagon to a star” mean?

a. One should try to fulfill all his ambitions in life.

b. A person should emulate his ideal person.

c. A person should aim as high as he could reach.

d. One should wish upon a star to make his dreams come true.

6. What literary technique was used by the writer in presenting his ideas?

a. Narration                                         c. Comparing ideas

b. Detailed analysis                            d. Giving suggestions

7. According to the author, what is one of the surest ways to achieve self-confidence?

a. Read lots of informative books

b. Deal with people who have achieved greatness

c. Be-friend people who are self-sufficient

d. Develop a strong and independent personality

8. Based on the selection, what conclusion may be drawn?

a. Confidence in oneself is crucial in achieving success

b. Associating with well-known individuals is enough to propel one to succeed

c. Reading the biographies of great people is essential for one to become successful

d. Confidence in the ability of others is needed to boost one’s chances of succeeding

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