Phrasal Verbs – Cc and Examples Part 2

Phrasal Verbs Topics is designed to help intermediate to advanced learners of English improve their knowledge of phrasal verbs. It can be used as a self-study guide by learners, or used by teachers in their EFL/ESL classes whether online or classroom based learning and teaching.

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cater to This hotel doesn’t have TVs or internet connections because it caters to

the needs of budget travelers, not business travelers.

  Our hospital isn’t very big

so, it can only cater to a small number of patients.

change into A caterpillar spends a few months in a cocoon, and by the time it comes out it has changed into a beautiful butterfly.
  Raul had changed into a young man, but his mum

still treated him as a boy.

charge with The police caught him with a gun near the bank just after it was robbed,  so they arrested him and charged him with armed robbery.
  The company’s directors were arrested and

charged with tax evasion.

chat up


Marco is trying to find a new girlfriend, so he goes out to bars and tries to chat up single women.
  Marcel is very good at chatting girls up. He

makes them laugh.

check in After you check in to the hotel, the porter will take your bags up to your room.
  Get to the airport and

check in at least an hour before your flight departs.

check into My grandmother had to check into the hospital after she broke her leg.
  He had a drug problem so

he checked into a drug rehabilitation center.

check on I’d better go and check on the baby to make sure she’s all right. I’ll be back in a minute.
  The teacher went around the class to check on her

students’ work.

check out I’ll need my insurance details when I check out

of the hospital.

  Let’s check out that new website Jim found. It sounds interesting
  The girls like to hang out at the mall to check out all

the cute boys.

check over He checked the car over and didn’t find any serious problems, so he bought it.
  I check over the accounts every month to make sure

they’re correct.

check through After I got off the plane, a customs officer checked through my bags. I think he was looking for drugs.
  She checked through all her records, but couldn’t

find his contact details.

cheer on The fans competed to see which group could make the most noise when they cheered on their team.
  The champions played well today and everyone

cheered them on.

cheer up Do you think going dancing would cheer Sally up? She’s still feeling bad about losing her job.
  Kim was upset so we took her to see a funny movie

and it cheered her up.

  Kim was upset so we took her to see a funny movie and it cheered her up.
chill out


It was a stressful day at work, so I think I’ll just get some pizza, go home and chill out in front of the TV.
  When I’m on holidays, I like chilling out on the beach or at the pool.
chop down Many people think we’re chopping our forests

down too quickly.

chop up Could you chop up some vegetables and put them in the soup, please? There’s a knife over there.
  Let’s chop those old boards up and use them

as firewood.

clean up  

Could the person who spilled the milk in the kitchen please go back and

clean it up?

  When a ship spills oil, the mess on the coast can be very difficult to clean up.
clear off


The grumpy old man came out of his house and told the kids playing in the street to clear off.

The boys who’d been

spraying paint saw police coming and cleared off.