Phrasal Verbs – Cc and Examples Part 1

Phrasal Verbs Topics is designed to help intermediate to advanced learners of English improve their knowledge of phrasal verbs. It can be used as a self-study guide by learners, or used by teachers in their EFL/ESL classes whether online or classroom based learning and teaching.

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call back  

I’m just on my way into a meeting so I can’t talk now, but I’ll call back

as soon as it’s over.

  I called Jim but he was busy. He said he’d call me

back later tonight.

call for The president made a serious mistake and many people thought it

called for an official enquiry, but nothing was done.

  Many people called for his resignation after he was

charged with corruption.

call off We didn’t play golf today. We decided to call the game off because of the rain.
  The meeting was called off because our CEO was

ill and couldn’t come.

call on Did you call on Mike and see his new apartment while you were in New York City?
  Whenever they’re in Paris,

they call on old friends who live there.

call out I saw Terry walking along the street, so I called out his name and he turned around and waved.
  If you think you know the

answer, don’t call it out. Write it down instead.

call up Did you find Mike’s phone number and call him up while you were in New York?
  They called up their friends to arrange a visit.
calm down If the baby gets upset and starts to cry, she’ll calm down if you hold her and gently rock her.
  The plane’s crew had to calm the passengers down

during the storm.

care for He’s staying with his grandmother so he can care for her while she’s recovering from her illness.
  Our company supports an organization that cares for

homeless children.

care for


The waiter said, ‘Would you care for some more wine, madam?’
  After a lovely meal, our

host said, ‘Care for some tea or coffee?’

carry on The tennis match was stopped because of the rain, but carried on as soon as the rain stopped.
  We’ll stop the meeting now, and carry on after


carry out The players listened to their coach and then did their best to carry out

his instructions during the game.

  We expect our staff to carry their duties out to

the best of their ability.

catch on Cable TV took a while to catch on, but now nearly everyone watches it.
  A new hairstyle can catch on quickly if kids see a pop star with it.
  I didn’t understand what she was saying at first, but I soon caught on

when she started speaking slower.

  It took a while for them to catch on, but scientists

understand Einstein now.

catch up She was a long way behind the leaders, so she had to run fast to catch up and win the race, but she did it. She caught up and won!
  I missed many classes, so I’ll have to work hard to

catch up with the others.

catch up on If Mike travels on business, he takes his laptop computer and catches up on work or his emails whenever he gets the chance.
  I went to bed early last night because I needed to

catch up on some sleep.