English Proficiency Test (EPT) Reviewer – Reading Comprehension Practice Part 2


Directions: In this test you will read several passages. Answer all the questions that follow by encircling the correct answer.

Passage B

  1. Asia’s new generation of kids has more than just youth in common. Whether in Manila, Hongkong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Jakarta or Tokyo, whether rich or poor, urban or rural, delinquent or not, Asia’s youngsters share many things. They go to schools, sing-along bars, fast food outlets, rock concert and rallies. They are dressed in wild costumes of screaming colors or black, leather jackets, outsize t-shirts and candy-colored sneakers.
  2. In Manila, they are particularly called “bagets”. Their pursuits, though seemingly inane are innocent – singing-along with the gang at the malls, sharing cheeseburgers and sodas or cruising the commercial center of Cubao and Makati.
  3. In Bangkok, they will wander about the Siam Shopping Center, in Singapore, in the shopping complexes of Orchard Road. They are kids of Asia’s great cities, avant-garde, rebellious, modernized. They are exposed to imported television that usher in international values.
  4. In Hongkong, the kids have been described as precocious, world-wise, and materialistic, governed less by teachers and parents than by the omnipresent television. Peer group influence is great. Their trademarks are smoking, foul language, bizarre and attention-getting appearance, and rude mannerisms.
  5. In Japan, they look like different race to the old generation. There is rising drug abuse, sexual freedom, crime and homosexuality among the youth. There’s less respect given to parents and to the aged.


9. The passage is about Asia’s

a. lost generation                                                c. urbanized society

b. delinquent youth                                             d. new generation of youth

10. It can be inferred from the passage that Asia’s youth

a. have senseless pursuits                               c. have been influenced by western culture

b. share many common goals                        d. have varied dreams and ambitions

11. What is worth observing and good about the youth beneath the modern image and westernized lifestyle?

a. The youth are still the easy-go-lucky type.

b. Many of them still believe in traditional values.

c. They share a common character as influenced by the media.

d. The values of the new generation have been modified by modernization.

12. When the author said that Asian youth are avant-garde, it means that they

a. are behind the times                                     c. are promiscuous and stubborn

b. have old-fashioned thoughts                      d. practice new and experimental ideas

13. What conclusion can be drawn out of the passage?

a. Peers are just companions, they don’t influence others.

b. Print and broadcast media have a great influence on the youth.

c. Discipline at home has nothing to do with the character of the youth today.

d. Character is hereditary, the environment has nothing to do with what was become of the youth today.

14. If the youth are exposed to too much western television they will likely

a. Develop foreign values and forget traditional ones.

b. Become complacent and indifferent.

c. Become aggressive and violent.

d. Develop an independent mind.

15. What literary technique was used by the author in writing the selection?

a. Comparing                b. Describing              c. Making profile               d. Narrating events


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