English Proficiency Test (EPT) Reviewer – Reading Comprehension Practice Part 5


Directions: In this test you will read several passages. Answer all the questions that follow by encircling the correct answer.

Passage E

  1. When the women’s liberation movement started, among the man issues raised by feminists was the relevance of beauty contest. It was felt that the competitions were exploitative and demeaning to women.It would seem, that the campaign to discourage contest has had so far very limited success. Certainly there have been achievements. Some competitions were launched which focused more on the contestants’ talents than their pulchritude.
  2. Despite some developments, however, there are very strong indicators that feminist have not really discouraged the holding of beauty competitions nor the participation of many women who seem to look upon them
    as the stepping stone toward glamorous careers like modeling and acting.
  3. Every year still sees the birth of many new beauty contest and many women have made a career of joining every competition. Contestants have displayed the fierce determination on one expects to see only among prizefighters. There was, for instance, this Italian beauty who participated in the Miss Universe pageant. Eager to make the members of the board of judges notice her and possibly award her the title, the signorina sashayed  across the stage deliberately forgetting whatever it was she was supposed to be wearing during that portion of the program.
  4. While not many women will probably go to the same lengths to get the attention, the fact remains that the world is still full of ladies of all ages eager to participate  in any beauty contest. Thus, new contest are being launched each year just to accommodate all these women who would like to be known as Miss Somebody sometime during their lifetime.


30. What is the main idea of the passage?

a. There is stiff competition among beauty contest candidates.

b. Beauty contests have diminished in popularity through the years.

c. There is little relevance in the beauty contest held every year.

d. Beauty contests remain popular among young women in spite of negative reactions from feminist’s movements.

31. What is meant by the phrase “stepping stone” as used in the second paragraph?

a. A good-luck charm                        c. A bridge to get to the other side

b. An accessory to one’s attire         d. An initial step towards one’s goal

32. According to the author, what career do most beauty contestants aspire for?

a. Modeling                b. Advertising             c. Broadcasting            d. Television hosting

33. What is the primary reason why young women all over the world are eager to join beauty contests?

a. To get rich and lead a privileged life                c. To be able to travel to another country

b. To meet more friends around the world         d. To have an opportunity to start a

glamorous career

34. One contestant in a beauty pageant deliberately did not wear the proper attire in order to

a. catch the attention of the judges                                c. entertain the audience

b. be different from the others                                      d. make fun of herself

35. The author presented his ideas in the passage by?

a. narrating           b. describing            c. enumerating details               d. giving examples

36. What does the author mean when he said “it was felt that the competitions were exploitative and demeaning to women?

a. Feminists felt that beauty contests are a waste of precious time to women.

b. Feminists felt that beauty contests were dishonorable and disrespectful to women.

c. The author felt that beauty competitions are a source of pride to women.

d. The author felt that beauty competitions are meaningless and irrelevant.

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