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Direction: Listen to the story. Answer the questions correctly. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

Reuben has a new classmate. His name is Daniel. Daniel lives near the house of Reuben. They go to school from Monday to Friday. They walk together on their way to school. They also play on their way home. They are happy together.


  1. Who is the new classmate of Reuben?
  2. Daniel B. Danny C. Dindo
  3. Where did they go together?
  4. church B. school C. park
  5. When did they go to school?
  6. Sunday to Thursday B. Friday to Tuesday C. Monday to Friday
  7. What did they do on their way home?
  8. dance B. play C. sing
  9. How did they feel when they play together?
  10. sad B. angry C. happy
  11. The word ______rhymes with duck.
  12. duck B. bite                       C. light
  13. The name of the animal in the picture begins with letter__________.
  14. b B. p C. r
  15. What is the beginning sound of
  16. f B. g C. m
  17. The words with the same end sound as “ light-bright” are called__________words.
  18. Rhyming B. Homonyms C. Synonyms
  19. Hole and hall are words that sound the same but different in meaning. They are called__________.
  20. Synonyms B. Antonyms C. Homonyms


light          blouse               duck               clay             fry

Direction: Choose from the words on the box and write on the blank to form a pair of rhyming   words.


  1. bright –  ____________                     luck –   _____________  5. Play   –    __________                 
  2. house – _____________                       Cry    –   ___________                        

Direction: Put a Check (√) on the line if the set of words are homonyms and (X) if not.


_______1. Piece-peace       _______3. three-tree               _______5. day-they

_______2. Bury- Berry            _______4. Wait-weight


Write the short vowel sound used for each words: Example:   bag – /ă/

  1. mat               ____    net ____    3.  Pit ____
  2. bow ____ rug ____

Write the missing  letter on the line to complete the alphabet.

  1. A B  ____   D    E    ____    G          H  ____     J  ____ 
  2. ____ b    ____   d  e   f   _____  h     i   ____   k   

Write a or an before the  name of the picture.

  1. _______   orange          _______  apple
  2. _____ pineapple