NAME: _______________________________________________________           SCORE: __________


Listen to the sound made by what you see in the pictures. Put a check (􀀹) on the blank if it is the correct sound and

cross (x) if it is not correct.

___ 1. ding-dong-ding-dong          ___ 2. aw-aw-aw-aw             ___ 3. ting-ting-ting-ting                             ___ 4. tic-tac-tic-tac                       ___ 5. mooo-mooo- moo

Draw a line to connect the object with the sound it makes.


Put a cross (x) on the line to mark objects that make loud sounds and check (/) for those that make soft sounds.

  1. _____ telephone       _____ crying baby       13. _____ drum       14. _____ tiger        15. _____ bus


Match the description in column A with the characteristic it shows in column B.


                 Column B

a. Filipinos are united.

b. Filipinos have faith in God.

c. Filipinos are polite

d. Filipinos work hard.

e. Filipinos are patriotic.


      Column A

__________16. Children cleaning the neighbourhood

__________17. Women buying Philippine products

__________18. Children going to church

__________19. Group of graduates after receiving their diploma

Read the story and answer the questions below.

Edgar’s Bicycle

Edna and Edgar were playing together.one morning, Edna asked, May I try your bicycle? It’s blue and new. I like it.”

“ Father gave me this bicycle only yesterday. It was my birthday gift from him” Edgar said.

Edgar helped Edna get on the bicycle. Edna rode around the house. How happy she was.

_______20. What is the setting of the story?                  a. in the house                    b.in the park            c. In the market

_______21. What did Edna and Edgar do?

  1. riding bicycle around the house b. riding a horse around the park c. playing doll inside a doll house

Encircle  the antonym of the given word

  1. Cold –               hot                          ugly                         small
  2. Big –               soft                         smooth                   small
  3. Dry –               tall                           wet                         hot
  4. Smooth –               rough                     pretty                     bad


Do the following Two-Step directions


  1. Draw a big circle. Write your mother’s full name inside it.


  1. draw a small square. Write the first letter of your name inside it.

Construct simple sentences about the picture


  1. _____________________________________________________________________________________
  2. ____________________________________________________________________________________30. _____________________________________________________________________________________