1. Listen carefully to a story the teacher will read. Then, answer the questions about it. Write only the letter of your answer.


Scientists found that Mercury’s atmosphere is very hot. Venus is hot, too Mars and Pluto are too cold and theirs atmosphere is made up of too much carbon dioxide just like those of Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and Neptune. It is only the planet earth whose atmosphere is made up of oxygen. Earth also receives enough light and rays from the sun that make the planet fit for life.


  1. What is the story about?
    1. The solar system The planet                c. The earth                  d. The world


  1. Who studies the planet’s atmosphere?
  2. Scientist Poets                        c. Inventors                  d. Writers
  3. What makes the other planets too cold?
  4. No carbon dioxide No oxygen                c. Too much oxygen     d. Too much carbon dioxide


  1. In which planet do we live?
  2. Earth Venus                      c. Mars                         d. Planet


  1. If people continue cutting down trees, what will happen?
    1. The forests will become fare The forest will be save
    2. The forest will continue to be green The forest will be attract hunters



  1. Read the fable. Then identify the following elements. Write it on your answer sheet.
  2. The characters
  3. The setting
  4. The problem
  5. The solution
  6. The ending


The Man, His Son, and the Donkey

A man, his son, and their donkey were on their way to the market where it was to be sold. “Have you no more sense,” said a passerby, “than to walk along, letting your donkey without a load?” So the man put this son on the donkey, and they went on.

            “You lazy, young man,” said the next person they met. “Aren’t you ashamed to ride and let your poor old father go on foot?” The man lifted off his son and got on the donkey himself. Two women passed. One said to the other “Look at that selfish old fellow, riding while his little son follows on foot!”

            The man then took the boy up behind him. The next traveler they met asked the man, “Is the donkey yours?” “Yes, it’s ours.” The man said, “No one would think so from the way you use it. Why, you are better able to carry the donkey than it is to carry both of you.”

            So, the man tied the donkey’s legs to a pole. Staggering under the weights, they carried it into town. There, they were greeted with much laughter. The man got angry and threw the donkey into the river. Seizing his son by the arm, they set off home.


  1. Write (C) if the statement is correct and (W) if it is not.


  1. Population is accented on the third syllable.
  2. The word Chinese is accented on the last syllable and the S is pronounced as Z


  1. Read and write the letter of your answer as to the mood, tone and purpose suggested by the expression.


  1. What mood felling is expressed here?
  • thick smoke
  • red flames
  • firemen’s truck arriving
  • policemen are carrying bundles
    1. Fear
    2. Anger
    3. Sadness
    4. Anxiety
  1. What is the mood suggested by these expressions?

“Happy landing! Thank God, you are safe!”

People kiss and embrace each other.

  1. gratitude
  2. rejoicing
  3. fondness
  4. fun
  1. What is the tone of these expressions?

“Go away! Can’t you see that I have very little fare for myself?”

  1. rude
  2. proud
  3. haughty
  4. serious
  1. What is the purpose of writing an announcement?
    1. to citizen
    2. to entertain
    3. to inform
    4. to explain


  1. Write R for reality and F for fantasy.
  2. Maria Makiling once lived and married to a handsome man that soon become the king of their kingdom in Mt. Mailing.
  3. The sun is the center of the solar system.


  1. Read the sentences write T for correct sentence and F if the sentence is wrong.
  2. A meeting should always be handled with formality as expected by the group through the use of polite expressions order.”
  3. To start the meeting, the presider may say “Let us now come to order
  4. To open the nominations for a position, the presider says” The tables for nomination for president is open.”
  5. The presider will not ask every one if there are any other nominations.


  1. Choose the most suitable meaning of the underlined word in each sentence.
  2. The animals were alarmed when the trees were cut down. Scare calm happy gay.
  3. The forest was a peaceful haven for animals. Zoo shelter hideout meeting place
  4. The animals pleaded to stop the cutting of trees answered begged laughed snobbed


  1. Look for the opposite meaning of the underlined word encircle your answer.


  1. Every year the “SinulogFestival” was done peacefully

            successfully      joyfully disorderly        solemnly

  1. There are no more trees for the forest has

            disappeared     dwindled          destroyed         destucted


  1. Choose the most suitable meaning of the underlined figurative language copy your answer on your answer sheet.


  1. Doctors need to keep abreast with the latest medicines

remain in contact with

have knowledge of recent development

stay in

  1. His books are always up to date


including the latest information


  1. Every holiday season, peace prevails in the four corners of the world.

half of the world

countries in the world

eastern part of the world

  1. After the calamity, most of the victims were safe and sound

secure              in good health helful

  1. Ramon is respected by his friends. He is a man of good world

dishonest man

                        man who keep his promise

man who breaks his promise


  1. Analyze the sentences then identify if the sentence suggests simile, metaphor personification or hyperbole.
  2. Like a flash of lightning, the man leapt over the gate.
  3. The sun peeps behind gray curtains.
  4. The tall grass danced and bowed to the music of the wind.
  5. The eyes are windows of the soul
  6. His quality smile, as wide as a river, told me he had done something wrong.