TEST I. Directions: Analyze and identify the sound devices for each sentence. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_____1. It was cold I saw polar bears wearing jackets.
a. assonance    b. hyperbole    c. personification        d. simile
_____2. The team leader moves as brave as a lion.
a. context clues           b. simile         c. personification        d. onomatopoeia
_____3. The snow is a white blanket.
a. assonance    b. alliteration              c. hyperbole                d. metaphor


TEST II. Directions: Pluralized the underlined regular nouns in each sentences. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_____4. My mother sent me two sets of chocolate box.
a. boxx             b. boxs             c. boxes           d. boxses
_____5. The pupils find the three line of the art paper.
a. linese           b. lines             c. liness                        d. linseed
_____6. Saint Peter holds the key of heaven’s door.
a. keys             b. keyss                        c. keyz              d. keyses


TEST III. Directions: Read the following sentences and find the correct agreement between the subject of the sentence and its verb. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_____7. Ma’am Aida Ramos (teach)_______ us how to solve mathematical equations.

  1. teachs b. teaches c. teech            d. teach
    _____8. Santa Rosa City (lead) _________ the STCAA competition.
  2. leds b. leeds c. leads            d. leadses

_____9. Richard (bake) _______ some cakes for us.
a. bake             b. beka            c. bakeses        d. bakes


TEST IV. Directions: Recall the concept of simile for you to be able to identify the word being compared to the underlined word. Choose the letter of the correct answer.

_____10. The music changes like prismatic glass, giving the world a glimpse of all the colors it forgets.

  1. changes b.  colors         c.  prismatic glass        d.  world

_____11. The lowered lamps glow in the midnight air like mammoth orange-moths that flit and flare through the dark tapestry of night.

  1. air b.  dark            c.  mammoth               d. tapestry

_____12. I dream of silent verses where the rhyme glides noiseless as an oar.

  1. dream b.  glides          c.  silent                       d.  oar


TEST V. Directions: Infer the meaning of the underlined idiomatic expressions in each sentence. Choose the letter of the correct answer.
_____13. Jose Zavalla basketball team made a game plan at the drop of a hat.
a. badly            b. earlier today           c. for the win   d. without hesitation
_____14. The policemen barked up the wrong tree in our village.
a. arrested the right person    c. accusing the wrong person
b. accusing the right person   d. arrested no one
_____15. The BMW car is truly costed an arm and leg.
a. very low price         b. very intimidating    c. very huge     d. very expensive

Directions: Read the selection then answer the questions that follow.


Why Does a Cow Chewing When She isn’t Eating?

A cow has a special stomach with four parts. When she eats grass, she chews it just enough to make it wet. Then it goes into the first part of its stomach, where it becomes softer. From there it goes into the second part, where it is made into little balls called  “cuds”. Later, while the cow is resting, she brings up each cud one at a time and chews it well. When she swallows it, the food goes into the third part of her stomach. There the water squeezed out of it. Finally, the food goes to the fourth part of the cow’s stomach and is broken down into very tiny pieces. Then the cow’s body can take what it needs from the food to live and grow.

______16. What happens to the grass when it goes to the first part?

  1. The grass becomes harder. C. The grass becomes softer.
  2. The grass liquify. D. The grass goes to the intestine

______17.  In what part is the water squeezed out?

  1. first C. second
  2. fourth D. third

Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer.


______18. Wetlands are synonymous to________.

  1. rivers C. ponds
  2. swamps D. seas

______19. What is the root word of the word rarity?

  1. rar C. rarity
  2. rare D. –ity

______20. Which of these does not belong to land vegetation?

  1. farms C. orchards
  2. gardens D. reefs