POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE IMPACT of the New Normal Educational Setting

The Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones has positively overview the victory of the New Normal Educational Setting which are the approved Learning Modalities to be applied this School Year 2020-2021.

Here are some positive and negative impact for this type of modalities.

Positive impact:

  1. Absolutely teachers and students are far from getting the virus (COVID-19) which is the priority to think about.

2. Teachers and students are far from getting late in class, less expense in traveling from and to school. Students are closely monitored with parents in going in and out of the house – means less worries for the parents.

3. Save time in traveling going to school. No traffic.

4. The teacher or the head for higher students they can invite expert to join the class anytime for higher knowledge on the subject.

In this scenario, it has a lot of beneficial effects to both teachers and students as well as the families not only for COVID-19 but also to protect students from bad influences outside the house.

Negative impact:

  1. Socialization is deprived. Previously, one of the reasons why we sent our children to school is to have socialization to other children. Talk to each other, laughing, playing and making friends face to face – to prepare our children in the said future. But? Is this the future we’re preparing our children years ago? Unfortunately no! right? But this is just for now, please be guided this isn’t forever locking our children at home. This is only to prevent our children in getting such horrible virus COVID-19.

2. The tuition fee is not waved or at least lessen or give discounts. To think that the students will not use of their facilities; library, school grounds, computer lab, etc.

These disadvantages can be fixed depending on the arrangement or maybe getting a heads up from the Department of Education.

We will now embrace this new setting despite of disadvantages which means we have to take a deep breath for this change. Everything will take in place very soon.