Despite of the ongoing battle of COVID-19, Educational Group of people are still striving to come up with the best solutions to address the students’ need to learn.

As for the approved Modalities of Learning given by the Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones are as follow:

  1. ONLINE TEACHING AND LEARNING – A kind of modality that involves online access through the use of different tools. A kind of virtual classroom that composes of a teacher and the students. The teacher will use: example, zoom, google meet, skype, or adobe classroom depending on the volume of the students to attend the class. Those mentioned platforms have their own way of sharing or viewing documents wherein students can see it and interact with it. Topics, discussions, presentations are all available on these platforms. This modality performs only online no face-to-face contact with the students.
  2. FACE-TO-FACE LEARNING – A kind of modality that is use to teaching and learning ever since. But this time, this means that students in the classroom is limited. One seat apart and students should observe social distancing like 1 meter distance to the other student. However this is not recommended by the Department of Education Secretary Leoner Briones. She reiterate that NO FACE TO FACE LEARNING.
  3. MODULAR LEARNING – A kind of modality wherein teachers will give modules, worksheets, reading materials or any resource that the pupils will have to do as a task and return the worksheets in a time frame.
  4. BLENDED LEARNING – A kind of modality that combines online and offline learning. This depends on the instructions given by the heads. Worksheets, reading materials and modules are still present on this modality.

All of these learning modalities are very useful and very helpful to achieve our educational goal which is to help children in many other ways.

Fortunately our Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones is very positive thus, she even call this as victory. We fight together and succeed together.

” Ito at triumph ng education, ito ay triumph ng Filipino people, triumph ng values ng Filipinos na maski anong mangyari, naka ilang gyera na tayo, naka ilang rebellion na tayo, patulog pa rin and pag-aaral. Patulog pa rin ang learning process”