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Classroom Observation Tool

Classroom Observation Toll (COT) is a formative assessment, formal or informal observation of teaching. It implies teaching behaviors that are known to make up high quality instruction. It is conducted by fellow teachers, administrators, or instructional specialists, classroom observations are often used to provide teachers with constructive critical feedback to improve classroom management and instructional techniques. Head teachers or administrators use the COT to identify which teaching behaviors need improvements. They use this information to set goals with their teachers to improve these instructional behaviors and to extend of formal job-performance evaluations. The goals on the COT are organized by content areas. (core concept, approach, and context)


Daily Lesson Log

Daily Lesson Log (DLL) is a template teachers use to log parts of their daily lesson. The DLL covers a day’s or a week’s worth of lessons and contains the following parts: – Objectives – Content – Learning Resources – Procedures – Remarks and – Reflection Definition of Terms.

A guidelines for daily lesson presentation issued by the Department of Education to institutionalize instructional planning. Planning is part of teachers’ learning process.


Curriculum Guide

Curriculum guides are documents used by the heads, school districts and individual schools to guide teachers in their instruction. Many guides are detailed, giving teachers a specific scope of what to teach and when. Many provide additional resources, such as necessary materials and assessment tools.

This is where the teachers’ refer all their daily lesson to impart to students. It is detailed and narrowed in accordance to teaching steps and per-requisite lessons. Simple-Intermediate-Advanced.


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