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Degrees of Comparison – Positive, Comparative and Superlative


How to form the -er and the -est of Adjectives?


1. If the base form of an adjective ends in -e, simply add -r/st to the base
   Example: rare - rarer - rarest
            rare is the base form.
2. If the base form of an adjective ends in -y, change y to i and 
   add -er/est.
   Example: heavy - heavier - heaviest
3. If the base form of a one-syllable adjective ends with a single vowel and
   consonant, double the final consonant and add -er/est.
   Example: thin - thinner - thinnest
4. Simply add -er/est to the base form of most other adjectives.
   Example: small - smaller - smallest

Base Form is also called Positive

-er Form or Comparative

-est Form or Superlative

More Examples: