Online E Learn made a thorough research according to economic status and stability of each country wherein online learning is highly in demand; upon reviewing the results, at last we have gathered relevant information on how tough the learners spend money to learn English online and how tough teaching online job as well. Online E Learn studied the overall economic stability of both the learners and the teachers which have been decided to create a fair enough rates for each student to enroll.

Therefore Online E Learn empathized all of these scenarios then created rates which are fair enough for both the teachers and students.

Online E Learn created rates/fees based on teacher’s qualifications, experiences and certificates which are at least affordable to each learner.

We offer:

Offered demo/trial class (15-20 minutes)

 Native English Teachers (USA) = 50 minute lesson.

Non- native English Teachers = 50 minute lesson.

30 minute lesson – 1/2 (half) rate of 50 minute lesson

Courses Offered

Monthly CourseNo available discount

(3) Month CourseLimited discount (varies from the chosen teacher)

(6) Month CourseDiscount is available (varies from the chosen teacher)

Note: Minimum lesson purchase of 10 hours

For more detailed information about rates and fees please contact us today, thank you