Each learner has its own way of acquiring knowledge. This depends on learners’ preference. As an online institution we value each learner’s perspective on their learning styles. We encourage you learners to take a look and choose the best service that Online E Learn can offer.

One – on – One Teaching (Tutoring)

Learners are free to choose their own teacher. The teacher on this service are obliged to teach the learner for the whole enrolled classes. This offers as a Private Teacher/Tutor wherein there is 1 teacher to 1 learner. (One is to one).The purpose of this service is to take focus on the learners improvement to those who are still shy and less confident to interact with others. Those who are afraid to make mistakes on grammar, vocabularies or etc.It also helps avoid disturbances among both the learner and the teacher.

Group English Conversation Classes

Online E Learn designed Group English Classes to enhance learners listening and comprehension skills. Learners can acquire more knowledge and information through group-mates’ ideas and thoughts which can create good interactions between learners and the teacher.All participants of this class are given the chance to interact and give ideas to each lesson given. This service will give each learner a chance to learn to each other. This is more on “student’s centered learning”.

This helps learners to study more of the lessons to have good conversation and interaction.

Side-by-Side Teaching

This is one of the best teachings for kids. Kids who are afraid to talk to the teacher but eager to learn. Online E Learn on this service allows learner to sit beside their parents for further assistance.Kids who have limited knowledge on accessing computers to set up the lesson process and kids who did not know how to handle internet or whatever interruptions along the way.

For adults to have friend or relative who wish to sit beside the learner, you can do so but in a limited lessons only. Just email us for further assistance on this matter.

Document English Corrections

Online E Learn assists those who wish to proofread or have their documents corrected with highly profiled and good constructed documents for submission or whatever purposes that may serve our clients’ best.


The purpose of Online E Learn’s Services is to make  learners’ feel comfortable and at ease. Which we believe that the learners can easily acquire knowledge if they are comfortable.

There might be more services that we were not able to mentioned here and we apologize for that. Just let us know what are you up to and share with us your thoughts on your learning style and processes preferred.

We absolutely acknowledge your request and anything you want to know about our services. If you want also to request the service you want then we would love to study on it and we will talk about it.

We love to hear from you!

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You and Happy Learning.


Welcome Educators and Learners around the World!