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Behavioral Test – Game

This game is to show the worth of your behavior and where you find it a liability. Try to check where you belong to the wide spectrum of our definition of your behavior.

This might be your chance to self-assess the degree to which you modify your natural inclinations and to identify some of the feelings you get when you do modify your behavior when you don’t want to. No right or wrong answers here, this is only to recognize it as a liability of such behavior.

The lists of some of the things that adaptive people do shown below. It will help you identify yourself, the areas where you find it difficult to be anything but accommodating and the areas where you feel you are in balance and have a say in the outcome of the transaction.

Example; avoiding conflict at any cost might be perfectly all right for some people and never cause them any problems at all. On the other hand, some people would take “the avoidance of conflict means to never disagree, never get to stand up for themselves, never have the experience of achieving a successful conclusion to a confrontation and then they end up feeling bad.

Sometimes putting judgement to ourselves might be hasty. : This is good. This is bad. Well, if you personally identify something as a problem then it is a problem for you, it may not be a problem for someone else.

Therefore, to declare that all overly nice behavior is wrong would be a mistake on our part.

Take the test for you to find out where you have difficulties and what you can do about it. This test won’t make a whole new set of rules about the correct way to run your lives.

This is only to test yourself don’t take it so seriously.

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